#Floglist Preview – ‘Man Music’ Goes Live Saturday on Spotify

“Keep Going” -The RevivalistsListen on Spotify Lyrics: Said, I’m pulling down the shades for the long rideI never knew that I could feel so black and blueI’ve been holding onto something now for sometimeAll I know is it’s a feeling fit for two Cuz when the sunlight laid its head down on this dog nightAnd […]

The Joe Pro Golf Show

Just because a Golf Tip is given by one of the greatest Golfers to ever play, doesn’t mean it’s for you …

SoD by Wade Bowen & West 84 – #FlogList Every Saturday

‘Man Music’ Spotify Playlist coming SATURDAYThe newest #Floglist theme is for the guys of our communityLadies, send this to your man Do you love your woman?Are you getting better every day for her?This week’s all about improving and moving in the right directionFor you and the people you love What are you listening to this […]

Detroit Golf Club Ended A 51 Year Hiatus

A State That Hadn’t Seen The PGA Tour Since 2009…Saw That Streak Come To An End In 2019 From 1958 to 2009 seeing the PGA Tour in Michigan was common practice every year…And in 2009 Michigan, and more specifically, Detroit fell to its kneesLeaving the PGA Tour no choice but to end the yearly trips […]

Turn It Up With Today’s SoD

SoD … TURN IT UP! “Get offa my line‘Cause I’m comin’ throughI’m aimin’ highAnd I’m willin’ to shoot Check out Webb Wilder on Spotify here @webbwilder @FlogstyleMedia

STOP Living ’The Same Old, Same Old’ Everyday

I’m doing something that only a handful of people in the world want to do”Riding MONSTER wavesImagine standing on a sidewalk looking up at a 6 story building 84 feet above your head Now imagine that building turned into a wave of salt waterThat came crashing down on youWith energized momentum created while traveling 3,000 […]

You Can’t Change My Soul With Today’s SoD #FlogStyle

There ain’t no man that can save meThere ain’t no man that can enslave meAin’t no man or men that can change the shape my soul is inThere ain’t nobody hereWho can cause me pain or raise my fear ’cause I got only love to share @FlogstyleMedia

Soulful Saturday Spotify Playlist

What Are You Listening To Tonight? FlogStyle Saturday Night Playlist Turn Off The TV Get Off The Couch Flog To A Soulful Saturday Night Guys- Groove With Your Lady Ladies- Teach Your Man How To Move Let Your Soul Come Out Tonight Discover New Artists Like @Ladynicolewray @FlogstyleMedia

Do You Have Jealousy or Appreciation For Paige Spiranac?

Knockout Paige Spiranac Haters ‪You don’t like her because she:‪Works out & body looks greatSuccessful in business‪Doesn’t take your #sh!t ‪Haters=Jealousy‪Winners=Appreciation ‪KO Online Jealousy ‪What the world needs now is‪Mike Tyson’s 10 Best KO’s @PaigeSpiranac @MikeTyson

Mama Said Knock Out Negativity With This SoD

Today’s SoD Is A Link Between Two Interesting Stories “Mama Said Knock You Out”LL Cool JReleased – 1990 The first story is our previous post About the hate Paige Spiranac has recieved from Golf The second is the upcoming Mike Tyson biopicWith Jamie Foxx playing MikeAnd I have to say… Jamie’s impersonation is SPOT-ON Mike […]

Never A Dull Moment With The SoD

Flashback ThursdayRod StewartSong – True BlueAlbum – Never A Dull MomentReleased – July 1972Guitar – Ronnie Wood (Joined Rolling Stones in 1975) @FlogstyleMedia

The Joe Pro Show: Joe Pro Is Inside Out

Joe Pro says …Creating An Inside Out Swing PathIs Essential To Hitting A Good Golf Shot So today we work on controlling The Crotch PlaneTo bring your club on the perfect Inside Path PLUS, we’ll be using …The Latest Technology To Track Spin Rates & Smash Factors #FlogStyle

Punch Workout Video

Get seriously stronger arms with this fun punch workout
Step into the center ring …

Get Up & Shake Your Butt To Fix That Office Posture

It’s 1:00pm Pacific… 4:00pm EasternYou are most likely sitting down like me…Probably with bad posture… like meI need to get upAnd stretch out my back Listen this SoD (Song of Day) with meCuz it’s going to make us get up and shake our butts “Apollo”St. Paul & The Broken Bones The faint white noise to […]

MAGNETIC – Nuit de la Glisse 2018 – Adventure Tour

Meet The Modern DaredevilsMotivated Human BeingsLiving Superhero Type Adventures MAGNETIC – Nuit de la Glisse 2018 – Adventure Tour Example:Portugal – Most Humongous Wave On Earth80ft — 26.67yds —  24.38 mtsOver Your HeadBalancing On A SurfboardWorld’s Largest Wave Crashing On YouOUTRAGEOUS Movie Followed by 6 other feats that get progressively more interestingEspecially in New ZealandThat’s […]

Like Many Success Stories… This Band Started With College Friends

Three College Friends…Nobody Knew How Popular They’d Be Today’s Song Of The Day: “Bang Bang”DispatchBang Bang – 1997 With a blend of:IndieFolk-RockReggaeFunk Dispatch produced music many people enjoyAlthough their road wasn’t sunshine and daisiesYet, they ended up exceeding their expectations of popularity The three friends performed from 1996 til 2002And tensions rose between band membersSo […]

The Revivalists > Led Zeppelin

You Like Rock?You Like Jazz?You Like Soul? Let FlogStyle Introduce you to The Revivalists “All My Friends”(Live At Red Rock Rocks) Don’t Get Stuck With Your Blinders OnWith The Same Old SongsBecause That’s Where Your Comfort Zone Is Growth Happens Outside That ComfortAround Your Favorite MusicThe ‘New Normal’ Is Having ‘New Favorites’And We Believe David […]

We’re Laying SoD With Rock Rap Reggae

Back on the run with a bag full of money’America is often referred to as a melting potAnd that’s reflected in our music While music is often labeled as either for white kids or blacks kidsLittle Stranger is great at blurring the lines between Rock Rap ReggaeThat’s why Little Stranger is our Song of Day […]

Groove of Day – FlogStyle (Sedona)

Houndmouth – Sedona Flogstyle GoD – Groove of Day ‘Flip The Script’ TodayExperience New PlacesShine Your Brightest ‘Pink’Just Like ‘Little Hollywood’ used to Let Houndmouth ‘Stagecoach’ you to CaliIn Flogstyle’s Groove of Day

Groove of Day – FlogStyle (You’ve Got To Change)

FlogStyle GoD – Groove of Day You Like Rock?You Like Soul?Then You’ll Love Today’s GoD‘We’re All Funky … You Just Don’t Know It Yet!’ Funk Out Of Your ‘Same Old Same Old’ OrdinaryOpen Up The Blinders To Your SoulWith The FlogStyle GoDBrownout – ‘You’ve Got To Change’ Change Starts With … ‘Change’

Kiawah Island – The War By The Shore!

The War By The Shore’ – 1991 Ryder Cup This Week We’re On The Coast Of South Carolina Home of the Most Important Ryder Cup … The War By The Shore! In 1991 … just as the US was getting back on track after the Gulf War … and US Golf reeling from having not […]

Emerge On Top Through Quarantine

“Six Feet Apart”Luke CombsSingle – 2020 The ones who emerge after life gets back to normal won’t be an accident… And many musicians have taken this hindrance to inspire the world that it won’t last forever We know it’s easier to just follow the crowd and feel stuck inside,But that’s not the FunLife Style… When […]

What’s Quentin Tarantino’s Best Movie?

True RomanceReleased in 1993Written by TarantinoDirected by Tony Scott Tarantino was not a name anyone knew at that timeWhen you click the link at the end of this blog to see the movie’s trailerHe wasn’t even mentioned The movie is credited to Tony ScottHe just finished Top Gun, The Last Boy Scott, Days of Thunder, […]

Eat Healthy – When Crunched For Time

You’re HungryYou Don’t Want To Eat Junk10 Fresh Ingredients Prepared In 10 Minutes You Want To Attempt To Eat HealthyYet, It’s Got To Be TastyWe’re Showing You A Simple Way To Do It

For Consistency & Distance: Find Your Natural Golf Swing And You’ll Find Both!

Consistency and Distance aren’t given … these two wants are earned! A Golfer must be able to feel their golf swing to be able to repeat it (consistency) A Golfer must understand how their body moves in the backswing (the creation of power) Without the ability to feel your golf swing, or having a firm understanding […]

Why Are You Topping & Hitting Behind The Golf Ball?

Playing your best golf is fun … playing less than your best is frustrating! Much of the Inconsistency a Golfer experiences can be related to how you swing the club back in preparation to swinging forward to hit the golf ball. For example: when you feel as if you picked-up (or raised) your head when hitting the […]

Improve How You Get Through The Ball Without A Golf Club

There are 3 ways you can improve your golf swing: You can buy new equipment You can take lessons and practice Improve the machine (you) which allows #1 & #2 to create better consistency and power Your golf clubs are only as good as you allow them to be. They don’t swing themselves! The person holding the club determines […]

Fix Your Tight Achy Back To Improve Your Golf Swing

Do you think your tight back is helping or hurting your golf swing? Or do the muscles in your back have little effect on how consistent you hit the golf ball? If you want to hit the golf ball better when you finish with your winter golf break … this time of year is “muy importante!” Because if you refuse to […]

Training To Get Your Swing Through The Golf Ball For Power

Most people that play golf are stuck on a golf score plateau … meaning after a few years of playing … your scoring range doesn’t change much. For example: some Golfers get stuck between 92 and 102. Sometimes you’re hitting the ball well and you can taste 89, but collapse somewhere late in your round to end […]

Use Natural Hip & Body Movement To Create Consistency & Power In Your Golf Swing

Use Natural Hip & Body Movement To Create Consistency & Power

‘It’s As Simple As A Wood-Chop! Chop Wood For Golf Swing Consistency!’   Consistency is more easily repeated when your body works together to create a powerful golf swing. Yet, because much of the Golf Instruction that’s readily available focuses on working on individual parts until their perfect: hips, shoulders, arms, wrists, weight shift, head down, left arm straight. Many Golfers become ‘Head Cases’ […]

Conditioning Your Hips For More Power In Your Golf Swing!!!

Think Of Your Golf Swing As If You’re A Machine! Having more consistent golf swing mechanics is the difference between struggling as a 20+ handicap versus having the confidence of a 10 handicap. However, these swing mechanics can only be incorporated into your golf swing once your body is ready.Most Golfers are trying to force the ‘correct’ swing mechanics […]