It’s 1:00pm Pacific… 4:00pm Eastern
You are most likely sitting down like me…
Probably with bad posture… like me
I need to get up
And stretch out my back

Listen this SoD (Song of Day) with me
Cuz it’s going to make us get up and shake our butts

St. Paul & The Broken Bones

The faint white noise to open the song
Will give you time to get up
Right into broken radio communication
As an old space trip may have sounded
To get you ready to start shaking it

Then the calmness of Paul Janeway’s voice comes in
With Al Gamble’s melodic keys
Start warmin’ up… your butt will be “goin’ crazy” soon

Now the drums, bass, trumpet, sax, and trombone speed up that shakin’
Let go and let the rhythm move you
All the different instruments will change what your hearing
Everytime you listen that butt shakin’ will be a little different
And that’s what makes great music

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