Meet The Modern Daredevils
Motivated Human Beings
Living Superhero Type Adventures

MAGNETIC – Nuit de la Glisse 2018 – Adventure Tour

Portugal – Most Humongous Wave On Earth
80ft — 26.67yds —  24.38 mts
Over Your Head
Balancing On A Surfboard
World’s Largest Wave Crashing On You

Followed by 6 other feats that get progressively more interesting
Especially in New Zealand
That’s when it becomes absolute FlogStyle Madness

We’ve watched this movie twice in 3 nights
Starting next Monday
We’re going to profile each of these Modern Daredevils

The focus needed to attain the skills these people have acquired
Is so far beyond what I can ever envision for myself
In some segments … the Xtraordinary Person (XP) is the slightest movement away from death
Yet, it’s hard for me to 100% focus for one golf shot!

What does it take to be an XP?
To literally fly like a bird through ravines in New Zealand
How can a person get that deeply skilled & focused?

To hit a Driver like Tiger at his best
Only happened because Eldrick worked his ass off
To Become The Greatest Golfer I’ve Ever Seen
Yet, he wasn’t going to instantly die if he missed the fairway by a centimeter

I believe in the Human Spirit of challenge
Challenging Myself To Continually Get Better
But could never imagine being anywhere close to the level displayed

The Bikers in France were unbelievable
It was if they morphed with the bike
Their legs moved the bike … the wheels were their feet
They did jumps, flips, tricks, hops
One guy hopped from tree stomp to tree stomp like an animal!!!

And this is being filmed in the most beautiful landscapes across the #World
Skiing & Snowboarding in North Pakistan
Really? Si, really!

Theirry Donard takes viewers across the planet capturing extreme athletes & the landscapes they call their playgrounds
Accompanying the cinematography is music that perfectly matches the situation you’re watching
So watch with quality speakers
Your phone won’t come close to allowing you to appreciate the diversity of #Earth

Much appreciation goes towards the filming & editing crew
Serious applause for what you produced

Each segment starts at a pace to allow for us to understand the characters involved
As well as the situation they’re about to get into
Once they start on their adventure … FlogStyle!

For me … 95 out of 100
I love to see people that have sacrificed, fought through pain & frustration
Improve through defeat
Battle through harder than expected work
I aspire to learn from these Xceptional People

Next Monday
Part One
Praia do Norte, Nazarre, Portugal

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