Three College Friends…
Nobody Knew How Popular They’d Be

Today’s Song Of The Day:

“Bang Bang”
Bang Bang – 1997

With a blend of:

Dispatch produced music many people enjoy
Although their road wasn’t sunshine and daisies
Yet, they ended up exceeding their expectations of popularity

The three friends performed from 1996 til 2002
And tensions rose between band members
So they took an indefinite hiatus…

When they came back for a farewell performance in 2004…
Called “The Last Dispatch”
They expected 10,000 – 30,000 people
To fill up the Hatch Shell In Boston, MA…
Well, 166,000 people showed up for their ‘farewell’
After that many people showing support…
That wasn’t the end for these three friends

They would go on to sell out Madison Square Garden in 2007…
For 3 Consecutive Shows
Supporting disease, famine, and social injustice of Zimbabwe
Where they attracted the attention of Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister
Who requested & attended a Dispatch performance in 2009

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Reddit…
Success stories that started as college ‘start ups’
Almost everyone will recognize these companies
But now you can add to your list of college dorm success stories
With Dispatch…