Today’s SoD Is A Link Between Two Interesting Stories

“Mama Said Knock You Out”
LL Cool J
Released – 1990

The first story is our previous post
About the hate Paige Spiranac has recieved from Golf

The second is the upcoming Mike Tyson biopic
With Jamie Foxx playing Mike
And I have to say… Jamie’s impersonation is SPOT-ON

Mike Tyson vs. Alex Stewart (1990) is where this song comes in
Mike had just come off a massive upset loss to
James ” Buster” Douglas
And against Alex Stewart, Mike walked to the ring
Playing “Mama Said Knock You Out”
And the music was telling the story
It was a perfect song choice

“Don’t call it a comeback”
“I’ve been here for years”
And that’s exactly what Mike’s story was for this fight

If you didn’t read about Paige being put down for being beautiful
In the golf world.. click here to see what happened
In short, I’m mad about her being outcast for being beautiful
And the Golf world should embrace what she does for the game

So FlogStyle Says Knock Out The Nagativity Of Your Haters, Paige
Stick with your successes and the right peple will support you
I sure do!