I’m doing something that only a handful of people in the world want to do”
Riding MONSTER waves
Imagine standing on a sidewalk looking up at a 6 story building 84 feet above your head

Now imagine that building turned into a wave of salt water
That came crashing down on you
With energized momentum created while traveling 3,000 miles across open water from North America

In the 1st of 7 film segments in ‘Magnetic – Nuit De la Glisse’
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We’re on the most Western point of continental Europe
Praia do Norte, Portugal
Being introduced to the biggest wave in the world, as well as Toby Cunningham & Andrey Karr

Two friends that trust each other with their lives
Every time they hit the water
Their focus on one another can’t be compromised for a split second or they’ll die

One is on a surfboard
The other on a jet ski
With the surfer often being dragged on his belly across the Ocean with another Monster literally breaking at his toes
The two work together as a team
Even when their own life is in doubt

As many people I meet live a Groundhog Day type of life
‘Same Old, Same Old’
Repeated day after day
These two guys are living an adventure everyday!

They fall asleep each night feeling a sense of accomplishment
And wake up each morning preparing to stay alive while having fun
‘A Purpose Filled Life’

If I have a bad day at work …
I can get through the struggle … and regroup for tomorrow
If Toby or Andrey have a bad day … There’s No Tomorrow!!!

What makes a person repeatedly risk their life for a thrill?
That can only be answered by that person
That’s what filmmaker Thierry Donard, shows us so well
He lets us into the mind of crazy people … that are probably happier & more satisfied with their life than 99% of humans

Watch the Movie Trailer above
However, be careful … it may pull you in!

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