Thursday Road Trip SoD

Jam out on your road trip with today’s SoD from Jamestown Revival. You’d be ‘Dead Wrong’ not to listen

Symetra Tour Is Back!

On the road to the LPGA
Check out these talented athletes, featured groups, & tournament info

Cooking For You

We’re cooking healthy with:
Handmade California Bratwurst
Orecchiette Pasta …

Bryson Dechambeau WITB

Rocket Mortgage Classic Winner
In the Bag: Cobra King SpeedZone Driver and TWO 3-woods …

The Joe Pro Golf Show

Just because a Golf Tip is given by one of the greatest Golfers to ever play, doesn’t mean it’s for you …

Open Up the Blinders to Show a World You Didn’t Know Existed

FlogStyle It’s the Golf Lifestyle Turned Around!!! It’s The ‘Style Of A FunLife’ For All We like Golf Yet, it’s not the only thing we do Music, Food, Fitness, Mindfulness, Helping Others Are also a part of our daily life Golf Flog Golf Flog Golf Flog We don’t believe that Equality should stop at the […]

Matthew McConaughey Supporting His Roots

  Texas Native Matthew McConaughey Always finds ways to support his roots   Amidst this Pandemic, he’s fighting for the cause But also giving some laughs along the way 2 weeks ago he and his wife Camila traveled across Texas Delivering face masks to rural hospitals   He thanked Lincoln- Mercury (A Ford owned company) […]

PGA Tour is Back!!

The PGA Tour is BACK!!! We’re excited to see the game we love back for the world to see With cautious glimpses of The New Normal are showing Will this mean a new winner on the PGA Tour?? Harold Varner III leads at Colonial moving into the weekend With a 1 shot lead over Jordan […]

The Most Iconic Shot at Colonial

Imagine having to lead a movement. Achieving a feat that hasn’t been accomplished for over 58 years. Becoming a revolution for the future, and wanting to not fail at the challenges you’ve put yourself up to the test for. Now imagine having to hit an amazing golf shot while thousands of eyes are on you, […]

Headlines Doubt Annika Sorenstam’s PGA Tour Debut

Headlines Of Doubt For Annika At Colonial In 2003, Annika Sorenstam became the first woman in over 58 years to compete on the PGA Tour igniting some controversy She was offered a sponsored spot in the Colonial Tournament held in Fort Worth, and wanted to play against men as a “challenge”. A way to measure […]

Golf Improvement Weekly Live!

In This Week’s Golf Improvement Weekly LIVE Improve Your Power With a Tool From Your Shed And You’ll Be Stronger, Happier, and Healthier Than Ever If You Stay Til The End Of The Video   For A Good Workout Healthy Food AND Great Tunes With Friends To End The Evening   Let’s Share This Happy […]

Summer Food Day – Ribeye to Die For

Welcome To Summer Food Day Summer Food Should Be What Mother Nature Provides Us   –Tonight —   Ribeye, Asparagus, Red Bell Pepper, Carrot, Noodles, Jalapeño, Tomato, Garlic, Freshly Ground Spices, Thai Curry   Eat Delicious While Eating Healthy Plus, bonus live music at conclusion of video

Best Eats in Columbus from Ohio Native Guy Fieri

Guy stands proud with his native chefs

Welcome To Flavortown! A recognizable character in the food world that many don’t know is a Columbus, Ohio native. Guy Fieri is a recognizable name in the food world with a ‘fiery’ shirt and personality And we can’t forget… The most recognizable hairstyle in all of the food world. Guy Fieri rose to the national […]

A Civil Rights Activist Through Rock and Roll

Alan Freed should be a a name that everyone knows. Often regarded as the ‘father of rock and roll’ for giving the genre its title While also playing songs on the radio by their original black artist… Instead of the “norm” of playing covers of the songs by white artists Playing the black artists on […]

Philanthropy from “The King”

Philanthropy from “The King” aka LeBron James The is side of LeBron James we should remember more than his great athletic ability LeBron is focused on the process of the youth growing No professional athlete has done more for the state of Ohio than Lebron From starting the I Promise School to donating $42 million […]

The Master Musician Who Couldn’t Read Music

If we told you William Shakespear, George Orwell, or J.K. Rowling couldn’t read… Would you believe us? Maybe the most naive would,But the vast majority would be instantly challenging that statementAs they should…Because they etched themselves into history with their writing/ storytelling One of the best guitarists of all time couldn’t read a single note […]

Detroit’s Forgotten Harvest

40,000,000+ Pounds Of Food Is Saved!!! Each year in Detroit by Forgotten Harvest Delivering 138,000 pounds of surplus food per day, 6 days a week They rescue fresh, healthy food from local caterers, restaurants, wholesalers, bakeries, hospitals And then deliver to 250 emergency pantries, shelters, soup kitchens & mobile pantries Providing healthy meals to people […]

Detroit Golf Club

A State That Hadn’t Seen The PGA Tour Since 2009… Saw That Streak Come To An End In 2019 From 1958 to 2009 seeing the PGA Tour in Michigan was common practice every year… And in 2009 Michigan, and more specifically, Detroit fell to its knees Leaving the PGA Tour no choice but to end […]

The First African American Head Pro At A City Owned Golf Course

We Salute Ben Davis February 19, 1912 – April 9, 2013 Who’s Ben Davis? He was the first African American to serve as a head pro at a city owned golf course Born Erellon Ben Davis in Pensacola, FL, moved to Detroit in 1925 In 1936, Davis began giving golf lessons at Pine Crest Driving […]

Strategy On The Tee Box

You can play more consistent golf without working on your swing And this is how! Does It Matter The Side Of The Tee Box You Drive From? Using A Strategy Of What Side Of The Tee Box You Should Tee Up On And how to decide your best plan based on your skill and tendencies […]

Walking Plan

If you’re just joining us and missed our fitness journey We want to catch you up because we’re feeling better than ever! So let’s start at the beginning… The first obstacle in getting into shape is getting past the intimidation of being the “out of shape” person in the gym So don’t start in the […]

A GQ Best New Restaurant – Detroit

A GQ Best New Restaurant Detroit is in its rebirth after tough economic times for its ‘driving’ force… The Auto Industry With many businesses closing during those tough times We are seeing a resurgence in modern food businesses as Detroit grows again Modern Lebanese restaurant ‘Leila’ in Detroit’s Capitol Park is one of the new […]

Farm Field Table – Detroit Detroit twins give you the ‘No Bull💩 Guarantee’ What is the No Bull💩 Guarantee? It’s a guarantee that the meat they serve has no hormones, no antibiotics, no fillers, or no MSG Matt and Mike Romine of Farm Field Table use this No BS Guarantee to follow through on their mission of delivering more humane, tastier, and healthier […]

Coriander Kitchen – Detroit

Fresh… Local… Farm to table duo from Detroit Since 2015 Farmer Gwen Meyer and cook Alison Heeres have fed Detroit the freshest food possible With ingredients coming right from Gwen Meyer’s half acre farm just east of Detroit’s Eastern Market They go directly to local restaurants and to her partner Alison Heeres This duo prides […]

What’s Quentin Tarantino’s Best Movie?

True RomanceReleased in 1993Written by TarantinoDirected by Tony Scott Tarantino was not a name anyone knew at that timeWhen you click the link at the end of this blog to see the movie’s trailerHe wasn’t even mentioned The movie is credited to Tony ScottHe just finished Top Gun, The Last Boy Scott, Days of Thunder, […]

Eat Healthy – When Crunched For Time

You’re HungryYou Don’t Want To Eat Junk10 Fresh Ingredients Prepared In 10 Minutes You Want To Attempt To Eat HealthyYet, It’s Got To Be TastyWe’re Showing You A Simple Way To Do It