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A recognizable character in the food world that many don’t know is a Columbus, Ohio native. Guy Fieri is a recognizable name in the food world with a ‘fiery’ shirt and personality

And we can’t forget…

The most recognizable hairstyle in all of the food world. Guy Fieri rose to the national TV spotlight winning The Next Food Network Star in 2006

Which propelled him to host his first show Guy’s Big Bite. And then his most famous show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

But due to his Hawaiian-style short sleeve button up shirt (with the well known flames) Most people would never guess he is a Columbus, Ohio guy

When you rise to fame like Guy did, staying close to your roots as a local guy becomes another facet of life. And we’re proud to say this Columbus native visits his hometown to support local businesses

An attribute that we think very highly of at Flogstyle

Local is the base of the food world. And supporting those businesses that are now ran by people who grew up and stayed local

Is how cities thrive

Read this article highlighting the restaurants Guy went back to highlight and use his fame to showcase the place that raised him

We love this Guy