It’s the Golf Lifestyle
Turned Around!!!

It’s The ‘Style Of A FunLife’ For All

We like Golf

Yet, it’s not the only thing we do

Music, Food, Fitness, Mindfulness, Helping Others

Are also a part of our daily life

Golf Flog Golf Flog Golf Flog

We don’t believe that Equality should stop at the gates of a golf club

We all Depend on fresh air, water & food

And nothing can beat the feeling of Love

So why Exclude because of color, sex or religion?

Life is good for all when we Care for each other

We want to party

We want to get loose

We want to have fun & be free

However, we’re going to ‘Call BS’

When we see it

And if Golf wants to fix the decline

We need to fix the inequality that still’s prevalent

As you safely integrate back into society …

What new activities are you going to introduce into your Life

Are you making a commitment to Eating healthy

Is Fitness part of your new routine

You playing more Golf in your future

Isn’t it about time you started learning about great new Music

Your Brain craves learning as much as your belly craves food

The Style of a FunLife Begins With Feeding Your BRAIN With Adventure

To celebrate is joy

To complain is sorrow

To live with neither is a boring life spent slowly crawling to death

So Sprint With Us As We Celebrate The Blessings Of Life … DAILY




Golf Flog Golf Flog Golf Flog