A GQ Best New Restaurant

Detroit is in its rebirth after tough economic times for its ‘driving’ force… The Auto Industry

With many businesses closing during those tough times

We are seeing a resurgence in modern food businesses as Detroit grows again

Modern Lebanese restaurant ‘Leila’ in Detroit’s Capitol Park is one of the new thriving businesses

Named after his mother who immigrated to America to start their families future in feeding Detroit

Samy started Leila to carry on his mother’s family tradition… And he is doing it in a big way

This year, as GQ often makes stops in Detroit to search for the newest and best new restaurants

Samy received the news that he had made the list of best new restaurants in the country…

An honor that no Detroit restaurant received the previous year

So enjoy a Sunday lunch inspired by a place where Sunday lunch is an almost sacred meal…

The passion is sure to shine through in the food they provide

In this article, Samy speaks about Leila and the history that made this restaurant one of the best in the country