‘Magnetic’ Is Now Playing On Netflix

FlogStyle Highly Approves This Movie

Incredibly driven people breaking barriers in spectacular locations
Some will look at these people as Crazy
Though, Achievers will marvel at the boundaries these Xceptional People have pushed through

The movie has 7 segments
This week we profile the 2nd segment:
High In the The Alps –
Chamonix, France, & L’Amone, Switzerland
Willie Lindberg waits 46 days because of bad weather to ski down L’Amone

While patiently waiting over a month to ski, Wille philosophies:

“If I was born someone else on this planet… I could have been a criminal. I have this energy that I need to put somewhere, and I’m very grateful I can put this energy into something good”

Lindberg finally sets off down the mountain
Looking like a flea against the backdrop of the massive scenery
He swerves left & right
Testing the limits of gravity while avoiding starting an avalanche
The intensity of the situation is remarkable
A truly incredible scene set perfectly to music

When reflecting on his experience
Willie feels humbled by the environment at L’Amone

“If you just do the same thing all the time, you will stop your curiosity towards life, and you will lose that edge that makes things good”

For anyone who appreciates Xtraordinary People
And Xtraordinary Places
‘Magnetic’ is a must-watch

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