Detroit twins give you the ‘No Bull💩 Guarantee’

What is the No Bull💩 Guarantee?

It’s a guarantee that the meat they serve has no hormones, no antibiotics, no fillers, or no MSG

Matt and Mike Romine of Farm Field Table use this No BS Guarantee to follow through on their mission of delivering more humane, tastier, and healthier meat

Their motto is “Better Meat for Everyone” and they don’t take any shortcuts to achieving better meat

They physically visit every farm that they purchase from to guarantee the animals living condition and diet aligns with their values

The chemicals and growth hormones given to animals is only adding those same chemicals to the meats we purchase so they are taking a stand against those practices

“It isn’t the easiest route or the most cost-effective” but they pride themselves on paying farmers fair prices, dry aging their meat in-house, running their own butchering facilities, and raising their own pigs

This is how you stand out in your community and beyond in the best way possible
If this is the type of business you support click the link here to visit their website

Along with this best practice they follow… they are also very good cooks themselves, they were both featured on Chopped, a cooking competition where Matt took the runner up position

Better Meat For Everyone! Click this link  for more info on the competition…/chopped-beat-bobby-flay-part-…