Philanthropy from “The King” aka LeBron James

The is side of LeBron James we should remember more than his great athletic ability
LeBron is focused on the process of the youth growing
No professional athlete has done more for the state of Ohio than Lebron
From starting the I Promise School to donating $42 million to the University of Akron
LeBron is giving opportunity to thousands of young people that may not have had the opportunities without him
The I Promise School is the first step in that process,
Giving opportunity to the youth of Akron, Ohio to succeed through highschool
Providing mentorship and programs to keep the youth engaged in school
Lebron once said “Every 26 seconds, a kid dropout of highschool… For me to be able to use my power to shed light on the situation and be able to improve it was a no brainer.”
Once he laid the solid foundation of support and education he went to the next step of those kids’ process… College
That is where the Donation of $42 million to the University of Akron plays it’s role
College is nearly impossible for some to financially fit into their plans and that isn’t acceptable to “The King”
By providing assistance from the ground up in education along with many other charitable contributions to The Smithsonian-
Muhamid Ali: A Force For Change Exhibit and
The Boys and Girls Club of America
LeBron is doing his part to push our country is the correct direction
And now more than ever, this positivity needs to spread
Share the link below to your friends and visit
The LeBron James Family Foundation website to learn more or donate to his incredible movement