Magnetic – Biking Through France

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You can think of Thierry Donard as the Sherpa

Of this incredible movie experience…
Matching song to action
Calmness to knowledge
And leaving everyone learning something new
About some extraordinary people in the World

If you missed any of the previous highlights from Parts 1-3
Click on the links below:

Pt. 1 – Monster Waves
Pt. 2 – In The Alps
Pt. 3 – Europes Wind Capital

In pt. 4 we visit Samoens, France 
To watch the biking duo,
Xavier Marovelli and Tom Barrer
These two specialize in different styles of biking
But when put together nothing holds them back besides their imagination

Tom specializes in freestyle biking
So when Thierry sent him to a small village
In south-eastern France, where he can feel like a kid again
Riding on rooftops, through alleys, do front flips, backflips, 
His imagination was allowed to soar… And it shows 
The way he makes the hardest of tricks look easy…
Tricks people couldn’t dream of attempting…
In his mind, he is worry-free like a kid again

Xavier is what they calla “climber”
And to finish their segment… He climbed
Through, the forest, over rocks, balancing on fallen trees…
And finishing 20km up the mountain with his biking partner, Tom
Where they reflect on the journey that biking has taken them on

The effort that they put into what they love
Is all put into perspective as they sit on the highest peak of the mountain
In the area Thierry gave them
And they explain how seeing the world from a different perspective 
Allows them to appreciate it’s beauty and realize how small we are
Compared to the world 

These two guys are truly #Flogstyle
And if you haven’t watched it yet
Go watch… And let us know what you think on your favorite Social Media below

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