“Magnetic” on Netflix = XP
XP = Xtraordinary People
Xtraordinary People = Flogstyle

Pt. 1
If you missed the MONSTER waves of Praia do Norte Click Here

Pt. 2
If you missed ‘High In The Alps’ last week Click Here

In Pt. 3
Director, Thierry Donard
Takes us to:
Europe’s Wind Capital
Tarifa, Spain

Liam Whaley, a World Champion Kite Surfer
Explains that Tarifa is the “windiest place in Europe”
Which creates a wind funnel
That allows the greatest opportunity
To become an all-around wind/kite surfer

Liam was 21 at the time this movie was made
And as a child he recalls a dream of becoming a World Champion
But when he finally achieved that dream…
He realized there is so much more to life than his childhood dream

The continuous pursuit of ‘more’ is why Liam is #Flogstyle
More happiness
More experiences
And more personal growth…
Pursue your dreams, achieve your goals
And act on the next goal that presents itself

The majority of us wont be soaring through the sky
On a board carried by a kite
But everyone will continue to soar to their goals
If they keep the drive to achieve more

Go watch Liam and all of the other Xtraordinary People
In ‘Magnetic’ on Netflix
Each one of their stories is different
But that pursuit for living, happiness, and growth
Is constant throughout the movie