12 Questions To Ask When Choosing The Best Golf School

When researching and choosing the best golf school for you there are questions that we recommend asking your prospective golf pro and trainer, prior to selecting them. Below you will find a list of 12 questions to ask to get the best golf school. Do your Golf Instructors work full time for your company? Or […]

For Consistency & Distance: Find Your Natural Golf Swing And You’ll Find Both!

Consistency and Distance aren’t given … these two wants are earned! A Golfer must be able to feel their golf swing to be able to repeat it (consistency) A Golfer must understand how their body moves in the backswing (the creation of power) Without the ability to feel your golf swing, or having a firm understanding […]

Why Are You Topping & Hitting Behind The Golf Ball?

Playing your best golf is fun … playing less than your best is frustrating! Much of the Inconsistency a Golfer experiences can be related to how you swing the club back in preparation to swinging forward to hit the golf ball. For example: when you feel as if you picked-up (or raised) your head when hitting the […]

Improve How You Get Through The Ball Without A Golf Club

There are 3 ways you can improve your golf swing: You can buy new equipment You can take lessons and practice Improve the machine (you) which allows #1 & #2 to create better consistency and power Your golf clubs are only as good as you allow them to be. They don’t swing themselves! The person holding the club determines […]

Skipping Stones To Get Through The Golf Ball! This Simple Video Tip Will Help!

How you move your body through the golf swing directly effects how your hands and arms deliver the golf club into the back of the ball. So much so, that if your body isn’t moving naturally … your hands and arms will make inconsistent compensations that’ll negatively effect the direction (and distance) you hit the golf ball. Thus, being able to […]

Fix Your Tight Achy Back To Improve Your Golf Swing

Do you think your tight back is helping or hurting your golf swing? Or do the muscles in your back have little effect on how consistent you hit the golf ball? If you want to hit the golf ball better when you finish with your winter golf break … this time of year is “muy importante!” Because if you refuse to […]

Training To Get Your Swing Through The Golf Ball For Power

Most people that play golf are stuck on a golf score plateau … meaning after a few years of playing … your scoring range doesn’t change much. For example: some Golfers get stuck between 92 and 102. Sometimes you’re hitting the ball well and you can taste 89, but collapse somewhere late in your round to end […]

Hit The Golf Ball On The Course As Well As You Do On The Range!

When you analyze your golf swing … do you judge yourself by how well you hit the ball on the Driving Range … or how you play on the golf course? Your answer interests me because I’ve never met a human that hits the ball equally as well in both places … with Mo Norman […]

Is My Golf Swing More Mental Or Physical?!

Whether Golf is more ‘Mental or Physical’ has been debated for as long as I’ve been around the game … and started well before I stepped on this planet. Is one more important than the other … or is it a balance that creates a consistent golf swing? When one’s mind isn’t clear … it’s difficult […]

‘You Can Practice Distance & Accuracy At The Same Time Using This Drill!’

Finding the perfect combination of distance and accuracy should be at the top of the list for any Golfer that wants to have fun playing golf. Because when you do find your swing … you hit your best, most satisfying golf shots.   Though, most Golfers we meet are working on their golf swing with the […]

Use Natural Hip & Body Movement To Create Consistency & Power In Your Golf Swing

Use Natural Hip & Body Movement To Create Consistency & Power

‘It’s As Simple As A Wood-Chop! Chop Wood For Golf Swing Consistency!’   Consistency is more easily repeated when your body works together to create a powerful golf swing. Yet, because much of the Golf Instruction that’s readily available focuses on working on individual parts until their perfect: hips, shoulders, arms, wrists, weight shift, head down, left arm straight. Many Golfers become ‘Head Cases’ […]

Create Power In Your Golf Swing For More Distance

Create Power In Your Golf Swing For More Distance

‘Learn To Balance Accuracy With The Desire For Distance’ When you try to smash the ball as far as you can … you’ll see your accuracy decrease Which often leads many Golfers to being overly focused on swinging slower than they are capable of … just so you can “Keep The Ball In Play” Which causes you to hit the ball 20 yards less than you should […]

Are You Over The Top? Swinging Outside In?

Why Am I Coming Over The Top? What Causes It To Happen Continually? Am I Working Too Hard On Completely Trying To Fix It? How Concerned Should I Be? Are you looking to eliminate your slice, or at least not slice as much? Do you want to draw the golf ball?   Become a Golfer where you can […]

Conditioning Your Hips For More Power In Your Golf Swing!!!

Think Of Your Golf Swing As If You’re A Machine! Having more consistent golf swing mechanics is the difference between struggling as a 20+ handicap versus having the confidence of a 10 handicap. However, these swing mechanics can only be incorporated into your golf swing once your body is ready.Most Golfers are trying to force the ‘correct’ swing mechanics […]