Laying SoD (Song of Day)

Today’s SoD:

“Dice Game”
Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Servants Of The Sun

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All I recall are the shadows in a long New York fade away
Passing time with such matters on a six-hour drive to LA
Got some friends in the canyon
Got a dirty window pain
Got a girl back up in Ida
Things have never been the same

She sees no fences
She feels no reins

I rolled a couple just to get me there
Took a hit
Let in some air and thought of you
We made a promise by the eyelash moon
I told you’d I would be home soon
And I aim to please

Stop to grab a cup of coffee
Near the LA county line
This evening finds me lonely but by daybreak, I’ll be fine
It comes and it goes
Always knows I’m there

Sometimes a scoundrel
Sometimes a thief
Sometimes in public
Sometimes discreet
Sometimes ugly

Sometimes there’s no reason why
And sometimes it’s a look in your eye
That says I aim to please’

Not everybody’s lucky
You know that’s true
But not everybody rolls a dice like you
Listen to a loser and you might give in
Listen to a lonely and you got no friends
Listen to a lover if you want some truth
Listen to a mother if you want some blues
Listen to your heart if you lose your way
Try to make some sunshine every day
Try to make some sunshine every day

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