To hold the Tour to perfection after a couple of events is unrealistic
A Perfect Plan is the equivalent of a Perfect Swing
No Such Thing …

Practice is what improves your golf swing
Followed by analysis
Improvement begins with refinements
Repeat often

The Tour is well versed in special situations
Although, this might be the BIGGEST situation
They’ll get it right

Besides … the people playing & working for the Tour have bills to pay
And there’s an industry of Hacks like me that not only love golf …
We pay our Employees & bills because of golf
And when Golf is healthy … so are profits

When Tiger devoured the early 2000’s
Excitement for Golf was at the peak for my lifetime

Our industry has an Opportunity to revisit that peak
As team sports are delayed
Golf is in the LIMELIGHT
We’ve never had a better opportunity to achieve Tim Finchem’s original 20/20 goals

Golf is the safest sport going forward for a population of people that won’t immediately come rushing back to be crammed into arenas & stadiums
Anyone looking forward to the restroom at halftime?

Mi Amigos de Golf Industry
This our time to shine
We have more potential to grow here than at anytime of your lifetime
Greater than ‘86 after Jack showed that ‘old people’ can still play
More growth than after Eli Callaway introduced a Driver anyone could hit

Though, the only way we can do this …
Is Together
Instead of questioning the Tour
We should all be asking …
‘Hey, Jay Monaghan & Michael Whan … how can we help you’