When it comes to golf
Everyone’s interested in who’s leading the tournament
But this is a new kind of ‘leader in the clubhouse’
Justin Thomas is our golf fashion leader this week

How many men aren’t comfortable wearing pink?
Is it ‘girly’?
Does it make people look at you funny?
It doesn’t seem to bother the World #3 Golfer

Justin Thomas wearing pink golf pants. It isn't girly. World #3 golfer has World #1 fashion in golf.

JT has a history of being a golfing ‘model’ for Polo Golf
He even gives us some ‘Throwback Thursday’ outfits
To cardigans and ties…
JT is always looking good on the course

And in this interview JT tells the secret of his golf fashion
“You’ve gotta feel comfortable”
“There’s a lot more that goes into it than probably what people think”

So fashion goes beyond just the way the clothes look
They need to be appropriate for weather
They can’t be restrictive to your swing
JT just happens to add the flare of design into the functionality

Justin Thomas showing clothing for cold days and warmer days while mixing in some fashion flare

We can all take a fashion tip or two from JT
Be on the lookout for his style each week
It’ll start to catch your eye