Paige Spiranac was opening Golf’s blinders
What I mean by that is…

The game of Golf has had a fundamental problem
In its inability to maintain any growth…

And Paige being a part of the Golf world
Attracted eyes who would have never looked at the game
But this is what Paige got in return…

Paige Spirinac Quote. Golf Industry Growth and Decline

Paige currently has 2.7 million followers on Instagram
And 322k followers on Twitter
How many of those followers were golf fanatics?
Maybe 10%…
So for the other 90% she was their bridge to golf..

I have a voice here and will never be afraid to use it

I’m Fighting Mad Today

Paige had to work for her success just like all of us
The work it takes to play professional golf
The work it takes to look as beautiful as she does
The work it takes to be as smart as she is in business

She should be congratulated for her successes
But what she recieves is jealousy-fueled people
Trying to discredit the work she put in
Because they think she magically became fit
Or magically became smart and athletic

When in reality none of those people put any work into themselves
And choose to come at Paige with their own personal darkness
So they can try to make themselves feel better
About not achieving what Paige has

Paige is Mike Tyson in my eyes today
Knocking out all of the hate that comes to her
Your corner should be overflowing
I’m in your corner, Paige
Let’s get rid of this jealous hate