@NickHardy8 You’re My Pick

I was asked who would earn the most money on the Korn Ferry Tour
From the Utah Championship ’til the @KornFerryTour season concluded
And instictively I went right to ‘The 25’ to see who was leading

“One of the Top 5 guys should be safe”
I thought “Maybe Top 10 works too”
But what I found looking through stat after stat
Was that each one of them had different strengths…
And in turn, different weaknesses
Not one of the players was first in every single stat

So I threw stats out the window…
Every single player on that tour has put in thousands of hours
Working on their game…
With the dream of playing on the PGA Tour

My decision was based solely on who I WANT to see win
Someone who shares their success
Cheers on his fellow golfers
Because he understands the work everyone has put in

Everyone can use a boost…
All boats rise with the tide
And what I found on Nick’s social media is why he’s my choice

I could keep going…
But we may have lost a few readers in Nick’s Tweets
Rightfully so… Good people deserve the recognition
And that’s why this article exists
If one person starts to support Nick or any other up-and-coming Golfer
they find from this article
I believe that’s a success

If anyone out there needs stats to back up my reasoning
Here you go:

Top-5 in Cuts Made
Top-5 in Par or Better Streak
6th in Total Birdies
6th in Greens in Regulation
4th in Par 4 Scoring Average
9th Overall in Ball Striking
16th All-Around Ranking

The game is there,
A few good weeks where everything comes together…
And Nick Hardy is your next Korn Ferry Tour Leading Money Winner

So click on his twitter
Show your support
As he plays the game he loves
In hopes of playing full-time on the @PGATOUR