When Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins Were On The Court…
Everyone Watched
The Human Highlight Film vs. The G.O.A.T

In The 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest…
Questionable Judging Watched

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Here Is What Happened In The Finals:

Dunk #1 –
Wilkins (Score: 50)
Huge Alley-Oop With Authority…
Unique to this competition…Deserved
My Score: 50

Jordan (Score: 50)
Reverse With A Deep Clutch Between His Legs…
Great dunk.. Deserved
My Score: 50

Dunk #2 –
Wilkins (Score: 50)
One-Handed Windmill From Baseline… Deserved
My Score: 50

Jordan (Score: 47)
2-Hand Cradle…
Not a lot of flare… Deserved
The next dunk is where the judging credibility goes out the window…
If this dunk was a 47…
Wilkins next dunk should’ve been enough to at worst..tie
My Score: 47

Dunk #3 –
Wilkins (Score: 45)
2-Handed Windmill From Baseline
The judges were 100% backed into a corner scoring this dunk…
The fans of Chicago weren’t happy with Jordan’s previous score of 47
And none of the judges took the chance of giving Wilkins a 10…
So five 9’s showed up on the board… Leaving the door open for Jordan
My Score: 47

Jordan (Score: 50)
Repeat of the freethrow line dunk from the previous round
An incredibly athletic dunk with flare to match
But with a repeat dunk
And jumping from further in
The score shouldn’t have matched the free throw line dunk
From the Semi-Finals
My Score: 48

Official Final Score:
Wilkins – 145
Jordan – 147

Champion: Michael Jordan

My Final Score:
Wilkins – 147
Jordan – 145

My Champion: Dominique Wilkins